maandag 22 augustus 2011

The Chanel Blues

dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffle

Finally there it is!!

Vintage Pictures

I'm a BIG Eric Kuster fan as you might know. He always uses vintage photographs, but the pictures and frames are 1500 euros each. I found the pictures on google and the frames I found at Ikea! I have Bianca Jagger, Jackie Onassis and Robert Redford. Picture 8 euro and Ikea Frame 12 euro

Cartier Charity Bracelet?!

I'm actually against FAKE stuff, but sometimes I can not resist when it comes to something small. This ''Charity bracelet'' is not really fake it's just a look a like for 27 euros! I think he's really cute next to my Cartier Pasha and Cartier Love bracelet. Oh and the knower sees that these are not FAKE ;)
Bracelet Astrelle Jewels

donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Macaron Monster

Last Tuesday I was in Brussels with my BF. Wow I totally love this city! I'm already been there once before, but that was a quick visit! Now I really had the time to view each store on Avenue Louise and Waterloo. Actually, we look for a birthday gift, but I saw so many cool things that we do not have come to that point. I myself of course tickled with macarons. These are almost as good as Ladurée! Don't they look fantastic for only 10 euro?! The store looks amazing to

Missoni Madness part 3

Missoni + Target = ME LIKE! This really is a fantastic collaboration. After Mulberry it's now Missoni's turn.

Save the Date

September 1st! Put this day on your calendar, because then launches Danie Bles (the Dutch Rachel Zoe), her new magazine with all ins and outs of her wedding! I am very curious about her fashion news and who his cabinet, we may view up close!

woensdag 10 augustus 2011


I think the Illuminati elements that the brand uses very funny. Illuminati is a real hype these days and they make good use of it. Even their logo is altogether Illuminati! I really like the edginess of this brand.


In the Netherlands it is unfortunately no weather to lounge in the sun, but maybe if you have this lounge cushions in your possession that the sun itself is going to shine! I really love this beachy style of this brand.

Contagious Cuffs

Colorblocking Cuffs to spice up your outfit! 65 Pound